The Schooled Society


Now Available from Stanford University Press

By David P. Baker

“The Schooled Society is one of the most important books in the sociology of education in quite some time.  The author takes on some of the most accepted aspects of both conflict and functionalist theory and in doing so provides what is at times a controversial take on mass education, democracy, K-12 and higher education, cognition, and beyond.”

Alan R. Sadovnik, Rutgers University


About the book:

Over the past 150 years, the education revolution has transformed postindustrial society into what can be called The Schooled Society.  Along with a few other major phenomena, such as global capitalism and democracy, schooling whole populations for ever more years to complete a widening array of educational degrees has changed both the individuals and the institutions that make up the core of society. While the education revolution has significant material and political consequences, it is primarily a cultural phenomenon.  Widespread education in postindustrial society creates new cultural ideas about types of knowledge, models of expertise, definitions of personal success and failure, conceptions of work and workplaces, measurements of intelligence and human talent, and so forth.  At the same time, educational achievement and degree attainment have come to dominate processes of social stratification and social mobility, replacing and delegitimizing traditional forms of status attainment. With such an extensive global impact on postindustrial society, mass education is the foundation of a social revolution of modernity.

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