Report on Immigrant Skills Published by American Institutes for Research

The American Institutes for Research recently published a research paper written by team members William C. Smith and PIAACFrank Fernandez.  The report is titled “Education and Wage Gaps: A Comparative Study of Immigrant and Native Employees in the United States and Canada.”  Findings from the paper were presented at an invitational conference with the theme: “Taking the Next Step with PIAAC: A Research-to-Action Conference.”  Click here to watch a recording of the presentation, or click here to access the PowerPoint slides, research paper in full text, and a one-page summary of the main findings.

PET Curve in Social Science & Medicine

Research team members William C. Smith, Emily Anderson, Daniel Salinas, Renata Horvatek, and David P. Baker have a new article on the effects of education on health, chronic disease, and risk factors.  The article, “A meta-analysis of education effects on chronic disease: The causal dynamics of the Population Education Transition Curve,” was published by Social Science & Medicine.  Click here to download the article.

PET Curve

Figure 5. Hypothetical Population Education Transition (PET) Curve of Education Effects on Likelihood of Chronic Disease across Epidemiological Transition Stages.