Pacific Standard magazine covered IQ study

Professor David Baker was interviewed by Pacific Standard magazine for a piece on the effects of education on intelligence.  The Pacific Standard article summarizes recent studies that counter the common assumption that intelligence is entirely determined by genetics.  Click here to read more.


Report on Immigrant Skills Published by American Institutes for Research

The American Institutes for Research recently published a research paper written by team members William C. Smith and PIAACFrank Fernandez.  The report is titled “Education and Wage Gaps: A Comparative Study of Immigrant and Native Employees in the United States and Canada.”  Findings from the paper were presented at an invitational conference with the theme: “Taking the Next Step with PIAAC: A Research-to-Action Conference.”  Click here to watch a recording of the presentation, or click here to access the PowerPoint slides, research paper in full text, and a one-page summary of the main findings.

PET Curve in Social Science & Medicine

Research team members William C. Smith, Emily Anderson, Daniel Salinas, Renata Horvatek, and David P. Baker have a new article on the effects of education on health, chronic disease, and risk factors.  The article, “A meta-analysis of education effects on chronic disease: The causal dynamics of the Population Education Transition Curve,” was published by Social Science & Medicine.  Click here to download the article.

PET Curve

Figure 5. Hypothetical Population Education Transition (PET) Curve of Education Effects on Likelihood of Chronic Disease across Epidemiological Transition Stages.