Team Research Cited Around the Web!

A recent team publication is being used as an example article by the recently released book The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project. The piece is:

Halabi, S., Smith, W., Collins, J., Baker, D. and Bedford, J. (2012) ‘A Document Analysis of HIV/AIDS Education Interventions in Ghana’, Health Education Journal, published online 10 July 2012.

Check out the companion site for The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project here:


We’re also on Wikipedia!

Another team publication researching the effects of education on HIV/AIDS has been cited on Wikipedia.  The original piece is:



One thought on “Team Research Cited Around the Web!

  1. Glad to see this study getting the attention it deserves! I also wanted to point out that this is part of a peer-reviewed, edited volume. The complete citation is: William Smith, Daniel Salinas, David P. Baker (2012), Multiple Effects of Education on Disease: The Intriguing Case of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Alexander W. Wiseman, Ryan N. Glover (ed.) The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education Worldwide (International Perspectives on Education and Society, Volume 18), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.79-104.

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